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Albany & Eastern New York Genealogy  - emphasizes genealogy of an eight county area around Albany, NY.  There are over 1300 links, including more than 500 to online records, and over 800 to webpages that are historical or contain information that will help you be a better, and more accurate, genealogist.  About 200 of the webpages were constructed by me, many of them with information contributed by other genealogists.  As webpages are moved or deleted on their websites, the links get broken.  I am no longer trying to fix or delete broken links. 


Bethlehem Central School District (Delmar, NY) - specializing in providing obituaries and other information about deceased teachers and graduates.


Choir of the Albany Reformed Church  - The name of the church was changed in 1938 to The First Church in Albany.  It was founded in 1642. 


Gardenier  - this surname can begin with Gard-, Gaud-, Gord-, or Guard-.  It can have an ending of -ier, -ear, -eer, -ere, -iere, and any other spelling variation that sounds like 'ear'.  The middle vowel can be -a-, -e-, -i-, -o-, or the vowel can be missing (as in Gardnier).  Some of the common spellings are Gardinier, Gaudineer, Gordinier and Guardinier.  I have done a serious study of this surname complex in New York State.  I have over 200 marriage and death certificates.  I will do research for a reasonable fee, but I prefer to trade my information for yours. 


Grandpa Cliff's Science Website for Teenagers  - using photographs, the goal is to interest teenagers in science and show them how they can analyze what they see in their own environment. 


Skip Parsons' Riverboat Jazz Band  - features a band that specializes in dixieland and traditional jazz.  It has been playing in Albany, NY and the surrounding region since 1956.




Miscellaneous Webpages


U.S. Flags  - showing how the flag changed as new states were added

Kudzu in Albany, NY  - an invasive weed discovered in Albany, NY in Nov 2005



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