Choir Picnic 2009


by Cliff Lamere  5 Mar 2010






This choir picnic was held at Bill Staats' place on June 11, 2009.  

   [Non-choir members are marked with a ~.]




Bill wearing the prayer shawl made for him by Jean Lamere, in the color he requested.  It was presented to him just moments before these photos.  (photo by Cliff Lamere)




(L-R)  Peter Subers, Wayne Sivaslian, Gerard Harrington, Ron Stockhoff~, Lisa Westman, 

Ella Campbell, Ian Leet, Harriet Stockhoff, Angelika Harrington~ (rear), Jean Lamere, Becky Hudak, 

Stephen Andersen~, unknown (red shirt) Rob Bauer~, Jean Ballou, William Staats, Audrey Ming, Rose Hunsberger 

(photo by Cliff Lamere)



These are the only photos I took.  Perhaps we could add some of yours.  For each, you will get credit as photographer.



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