First Church 2010 Choir Picnic


Webpage by Cliff Lamere  -  29 June 2010



The 2010 First Church choir picnic was held June 17.  As dark approached, many of us gathered around Bill Staats' piano to have him lead us in some oldies.  The words to these well-known songs were provided.  


Names under photos are given L-R.  All photos were taken by Cliff Lamere unless otherwise noted.



Lisa Westman, Cliff Lamere, James McDonald  (photo by Jean Lamere)



James McDonald, Lisa Westman



James McDonald, Lisa Westman



James McDonald, Lisa Westman, Harriet Stockhoff, Bette Jane Poulos, Ian Leet   (photo by Bill Staats)



James McDonald, Mary Bon, Rose Hunsberger, Lisa Westman, Marilyn Paarlberg, 

Stephen Andersen, Becky Hudak  (photo by Neil Keen)



(photo by Neil Keen)


As the sun got low in the sky, our attention turned to the annual sing-along led by Bill Staats.



Bill Staats, our Sing-Along leader (Rose Hunsberger in background)



Ron Stockhoff, Wayne Sivaslian, Rose Hunsberger, David Bradley, Bill Staats



Gerry Harrington



Wayne Sivaslian, Rose Hunsberger, David Bradley



James McDonald, Lisa Westman, Bill Staats at piano




Lisa Westman, James McDonald, Audrey Ming, Jean Lamere



Bill Staats & Mary Bon



Angelica Harrington, Harriet Stockhoff, Mary Bon, Monica Marsh, Victoria Staats



Cliff Lamere, Jean Lamere, Harriet Stockhoff, Audrey Ming   (photo by Bill Staats)



Mary Bon, Ron Stockhoff   (photo by Bill Staats)



Monica Marsh, David Bradley   (photo by Bill Staats)



Wayne Sivaslian, wife Monica Marsh   (photo by Bill Staats)



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