Handel's Messiah performed on December 19, 2010

by the Octavo Singers, Schenectady NY


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LOCATION:  Union College Memorial Chapel, Schenectady NY

TIME:  3:00 p.m., December 19, 2010


CONDUCTOR:  Victor Klimash



Soprano:  Deborah Savoy

Mezzo-Soprano:  Erica Sparrow

Tenor:  Marco Cammarota

Bass:  Richard Mazzaferro



113 members sang at this concert (78 ladies, 35 men)

Rehearsal accompanist:  Elinore Farnum



Concertmaster:  Michael Emery



Photo by Bruce Squiers, used courtesy of the Daily Gazette, Schenectady NY and Judy Patrick, managing editor. 


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Below can be found the names of all of the participants in this concert (conductor, soloists, singers, instrumentalists).  They are listed in order from the top of the photo to the bottom.  



The 113 singers are listed from left to right in each row as they appear in the photo above.  The rows are numbered from 1-7, the bottom row being number 1.  The names of the ladies are in red; the names of the men are in blue.

   (A special thanks to Jean Lamere, Jan Walz and Debbie Pavlus for help with identifications.)


Susan Pascazio,  Elaine Wertalik,  Janice Walz,  Colleen Licata 

Julius "Skip" Aycox,  Kennoth Carnes,  Leslie Hipenbecker,  David Walz,  Eugene Scott,  Harry Letko,  William McColl,  Trevor Morris,  Richard "Jerry" Carroll,  Brendan Dwyer

Marie McCullough,  Patricia Angerosa,  Fran Carroll,  Janet Gerbino


Gail Dollar,  Patricia Alheim,  Susanne Wither,  Annette Collins

Jack Holmes,  George Shaw,  Christopher Rush,  Clifford Lamere,  Michael Fahey,  James Hasenbein,  George Trimarco

Mary Ellen Busseno,  Teresa Munson,  Ellen Senisi,  Patricia Rush,  Joanne Marhafer



Barbara Turner,  Diana Carter,  Doris Kirk,  Diane Deacon,  Heather Workman

Mark Chaffin,  Richard Lenehan,  George Repicky,  Richard O'Neil,  David Acker,  Anthony Provenzano

Irina Tikhonenko,  Carol Willey,  LynnAnn Hoffman,  Nancy Hoelzer,  Margaret Lassiter


Mary Park-Flanders,  Kathy Hodges,  Katherine Trimarco,  Diane Hasenbein

Richard Hasenbein,  Brian Morris,   Clark Cooper,  Melvin Wigler,  Harry Ermides,  James Hedrick,  Howard Hasenbein

Karen Hasenbein,  Lyn Schoenstedt,  Carol Alexander,  Donna Flagg,  Sandra Governor,  Heather Hughes


Ann Kolman,  Christine Suhr,  Paulette George,  Laurel Burns,  Mery Seeman-Sokal

Gary Cork,  Timothy Keegan,  John Spinelli,  Allan F. Anderson,  Alan Angelo

Judith Singer,  Livia Reyes,  Shirley DeBono,  Julia Shaw,  Phyllis Nearing,  Angela Nelligan,  Tina Lechowicz



Nina Kryzak,  Rachel Nearing,  Abigail Nearing,  Alison Hardy,  Jane Baker,  Elisabeth Foley,  Christine Yost,  Wendy Luft

[Francesca Leo - behind tenor soloist] 

Lisa Correa,  Marian Tibbetts,  Veronica Herring,  Judith Israel,  Julianne Dickinson,  Susan Larsen,  Liz Gaudet,  Terry Weinman


Lyn Abbey,  Brenda Smith-Booth,  Gloria Sleeter,  Helen Farrand,  Pat Gumson,  Jean Lamere

[row continues on the other side of the soloists]  

Celia O'Neil,  Alice Miller,  Deborah Pavlus,  Katherine Ludewig,  Helen Scott,  Carol Owens



SOLOISTS:  Deborah Savoy,  Erica Sparrow,  Marco Cammarota,  Richard Mazzaferro

CONDUCTOR:  Victor Klimash


OCTAVO SINGERS CHAMBER ORCHESTRA  (named from left to right irrespective of what row they are in)

   (My thanks to Nat Fossner for providing the names of the members of the orchestra.)


1.  Susan Kokernak, oboe
2.  Nat Fossner, oboe
3.  Brooke Leighton, violin
4.  Paula Shaw, violin
5.  Barbara Brothers, violin
6.  Cathy Barber, violin
7.  Nathan Lawrence, violin
8.  Michael Emery, violin
9.  Kathryn Kinisky, violin
10.  Marla Bracco, violin
Conductor:  Victor Klimash
1.  Palma Catrava, harpsichord
2.  Meme Pittman, viola
3.  Stepahani Emery, viola
4.  Petia Kassarova, cello
5.  Andre O'Neill, cello
6.  Rick Rowley, viola
7.  Cathi-Jo Brun, cello

8.  Luke Baker, bass
9.  Peter Bellino, trumpet


Krassimir Ivanov, bassoon  (outside of photo to the left)

Cathy Sheridan,  trumpet  (outside of photo to the right)
Kathy Lowery, timpani  (outside of photo to the right)






The following six images (three pairs of similar images) were extracted from a video on YouTube posted by Hahhah9.  Octavo Singers was singing "For Unto US a Child was Born" from Handel's Messiah.  

Watch video.  














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