Lisa Monique Westman      James Ross McDonald


Wedding Reception February 20, 2011


at St. George's Episcopal Church, Schenectady, NY 



Webpage by Cliff Lamere   February 2011


All photographs by Margaret Tilden except the first






Margaret Tilden, bride's maid, in front of St. Stephen's Church. 

The wedding has taken place, so Margaret is on the way to the reception.

Photo by Geoffrey Tilden



Lorna Reamer ("Fairy Godmother"), Ed Reamer



Lorna Reamer ("Fairy Godmother"), Ed Reamer



Musician playing the Hammered Dulcimer.

He also played a small bagpipe.



?? (L-R)



??, Xavier McDonald, ??, Nathaniel?? McDonald, ??, ??, William McDonald, Daniel?? Westman, female??

Daniel?? Westman getting some meatballs, possibly the best single food item at the reception.  They were delicious!!



Lisa and James enjoying a private moment.  ??, ?? in foreground.



Lorna Reamer ("Fairy Godmother"), Ed Reamer



The Wedding Cake



The Wedding Cake




Mia Westman, ??



Lisa getting ready to cut the Wedding Cake.  ??, James



Lisa and James cutting the Wedding Cake.



Lisa gets a taste of the Wedding Cake.



A little kiss to wash down the cake



Willem & Mia Westman



Willem & Mia Westman



James is telling the story of "Lisa's Prince and the Slipper"

Daniel? Westman in the foreground.



The Wedding of Lisa Monique Westman to James Ross McDonald


Rehearsal Dinner - photos by Margaret Tilden 

Pre-wedding - photos by Margaret Tilden

Wedding - photos by Cliff Lamere

Reception - photos by Cliff Lamere

Reception - photos by Margaret Tilden   [this webpage]

Videos (3) by Margaret Tilden (rehearsal dinner, appetizers before reception, reception)


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