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Videos (3) by Margaret Tilden, February 19-20, 2011



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Margaret Tilden took three videos of the wedding events with her camera.  I put them onto YouTube where they are in the Unlisted category.  That means that they can only be seen by someone who has a link to them.  For privacy reasons, strangers cannot find them by doing a search on YouTube.


The videos can be viewed below without leaving this webpage, or they can be viewed on YouTube. 





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Rehearsal Dinner

19 Feb 2011



20 Feb 2011



20 Feb 2011





Rehearsal Dinner



Appetizers and Hammered Dulcimer



The Prince and the Slipper


Before the Reception video began, James told a story.  In the past, Lisa had received a replica of a slipper from a woman she calls her Fairy Godmother.  She told Lisa that someday her Prince would come.  In the video, James puts a slipper on Lisa's foot as Someday My Prince Will Come from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is being played. Then, Lisa gives the bridal bouquet to her Fairy Godmother.






The Wedding of Lisa Monique Westman to James Ross McDonald


Rehearsal Dinner - photos by Margaret Tilden     [this webpage]

Pre-wedding - photos by Margaret Tilden

Wedding - photos by Cliff Lamere

Reception - photos by Cliff Lamere

Reception - photos by Margaret Tilden

Videos (3) by Margaret Tilden (rehearsal dinner, appetizers before reception, reception)   [this webpage]


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