Choir Celebrating St. Nicholas Sunday - 2006


First Church (Reformed) of Albany, NY


by Cliff Lamere  15 Mar 2010



This photo was contributed by Bette Jane Saiberlich-Poulos.  It was taken November 5, 2006 on her camera by someone in the congregation.


Bette Jane Poulos, Dolly Bachman, Wayne Sivaslian, Rose Hunsberger, Peter Subers, 

Audrey Ming, Paul Coffey, John Bachman, Bill Staats, Becky Hudak, Harriet Stockhoff, 

E. Helen Gardner, Marilyn Paarlberg, Jean Ballou, Cheryl Gowie, Lisa Westman  (L-R)

(photographer: congregation member)



See 2008 obituary for John Bachman.


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