Choir Picnic 2007


First Church (Reformed) of Albany, NY


by Cliff Lamere  12 Mar 2010


Photographs by Bette Jane Saiberlich-Poulos



This choir picnic was held at Bill Staats' place on June 7, 2007.  

   [Non-choir members are marked with a ~.]


 Monica Marsh~, Wayne Sivaslian, David Bradley, Jean Ballou, Helen Gardner   (Rear to front)

Helen retired from the choir in 2009.



John Paarlberg~, Monica Marsh~, Wayne Sivaslian   (L-R)



Becky Hudak, Mary Bon, Peter Subers, Rob Bauer~, Bill Staats   (L-R)



Dolly Bachman, John Bachman, Ian Leet (L-R)


See 2008 obituary for John Bachman.

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